Tuesday, September 7, 2010

October 3 Sermon - Part One

I'm looking ahead to my next sermon, which will be October 3. Unlike my first two sermons here at King of Kings, the gospel text doesn't seem quite as difficult.... so I think I'm going to preach on Habakkuk. Let it not be said that I don't enjoy a challenge.

Here are the readings:
Habakkuk 1:1-4, 2:1-4
Psalm 37:1-9
2 Timothy 1:1-14
Luke 17:5-10

The gospel text is a bit confusing; it begins with the apostles asking Jesus to increase their faith, and Jesus responding with the metaphor of the mustard seed. The bulk of the reading, however, is about thanking slaves for doing what is commanded. The connection between the two parts is not clear to me.

Habakkuk, meanwhile, is a clear cry for justice. The Lord responds with a "vision for the appointed time." I'd love to preach on a Hebrew text, so I'm definitely attracted to this one. I'll do a translation and text study, and see where that leads me.


Deconstructing Luther said...

haha, this is the next sermon I'm preaching, too

Sarah said...

From WorkingPreacher.org:

"When have the sainted people to whom you preach ever heard a sermon based on God's timeless word to Habakkuk? This week is their chance. Do not let them down." --Rolf Jacobson